There is no water without Torah

Quench your thirst

maayan מעיין

An Orthodox shul in West Orange, New Jersey
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We need it to survive, and also to cleanse, renew, refresh, sustain.

For the Jewish people, Torah is water. Ayn Mayim ela Torah - We have no sustenance, no capacity to survive or grow, without the Torah to sustain us. It is an essential part of the Jewish people, without which we cannot exist.

Maayan is a groundbreaking, new, and different type of shul community. Maayan is a committed group of individuals and families who have joined together to bring Jewish observance to life with the flowing waters of Torah values and inspiration.

It is a holy place for those who wish to be inspired and to inspire others. It is a warm place for those who wish to grow closer to Hashem, to our loved ones, and to each other. It is an inclusive place where we use the water of Halacha and Torah observance to grow our spiritual practice and our connections to HKB"H.

Are you an individual or family with the commitment and motivation to build something unique, special, and holy for yourselves, your children, and future generations to come?

We welcome you to our wellspring.