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maayan מעיין

An Orthodox shul in West Orange, New Jersey
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Ongoing Weekly Classes

Monday nights - 8:30 pm at 5 Swayze Street - Issur V'Heter - Hilchot Melicha

Tuesday nights - 8:00 pm at 5 Swayze Street - Hilchot Shabbat - The Laws of Sabbath

Please email Rabbi Danny to receive source sheets by email or if you want to participate in a class virtually.

Select Sunday nights = 8:30 pm at 5 Swazye Street - Davening workshop - Learn how to lead Kabbalat Shabbat and Pesukei D’Zimra, as well as new melodies for congregational singing. Also, brush up on the halachot of receiving an aliyah l’Torah, as well as your laining and haftarah skills.

Recordings of previous Maayan shiurim